Meet Me


Design has run through my veins, been a part of my being and a passion since a very early age, I was creating a dream home when the other girls were creating their dream wedding. Those dreams and that passion lay dormant and unrealized for many years, not knowing how to make them a reality. I navigated through life unfocused and simply surviving, all the while, assisting friends and family whenever the opportunity arose, to make over a room or at times a whole home, never thinking design could actually be a career. After all, back then doing something you loved wasn't even a conversation.

Fast forward many years, as I matured and became more aware of what spoke to my heart, I returned to thoughts and feelings of the past and what truly made me happy. I went back to college at the age of 50 and during a brief encounter with a teacher, those memories are what flooded my heart and I knew then, that I was finally on the right path. It took five long years to get that degree, it was challenging to say the least, raising a son on my own and making ends meet. We were now in the age of technology and that is what is taught in Interior Design. They can’t and don’t give you an eye for color, scale or balance, creativity or the passion that I think is required, and I believe something I was born with. The skills that I did acquire while earning my degree were many and have only added to my tool chest, now making them, my instinctual eye and passion a whole.

Immediately upon graduating, I began working as an In-Home Designer for a popular furniture company, and then as a Design Consultant with tile and stone for several years and finally as an Assistant to a Designer. As the last job ended, I knew the time had come to go out on my own. I wanted to work for the client directly, creating what they desired, that is where my true passion lies. I am a people person and love building relationships, there is nothing more rewarding than bringing a vision to life, making your house a home and seeing tears of joy or a smile on your face.

Yes, I am a one woman show, but that doesn’t affect the service, accountability, trade discounts or other services a firm offers, it simply allows for more personalized service at a more cost-effective price. Depending on your budget, I can do all the things that they do. I think the biggest difference will be that I will not try to push my style on you. I will not tell you that your thoughts are wrong, but guide you to a place where those ideas are best integrated into giving you the look and feel that Designed With You means....Your vision with a designer look!