About Pam Dorram & Designed With You

From the beginning Pam has always been a "floorplan freak", when her favorite playtime as a child was planning the home of her dreams and then those of her playmates who all had ideas of their own. Where she would put everything and how it would all be arranged to fit together were the memories that flooded her many years later when she began earning her degree in interior design, giving her the sense that she was where she should be.

The biggest gift that she took away from her formal education was learning how to communicate these floorplanning processes through 3D renderings. The rest comes innately as she embarks on each project with fresh new ideas and ways of thinking.

With her deep passion and obsession for the health of our planet, she attempts to incorporate sustainable design into every project she undertakes knowing the weight that our own footprint carries and how impactful it can be to our environment. 

Very tactile by nature, Pam's favorite way of creating depth and character in any space is to utilize contrast, texture and pattern to reveal to her clients the best of what can be. Every project she undertakes becomes a part of who she is with no one being more important than the other.

As CEO and Founder, Pam’s deep desire and dedication to creating a sanctuary for her clients is what directs her path as she listens intently to get to the heart of what holds meaning for you. 

She believes that home is not just a place, but a feeling.

personal image of Pam Dorram