My Services


Design Consultation

I will first meet with you for a two-hour consultation to determine whether we’re a good fit, with a detailed discussion of the scope of your project and budget, and if I can help you to accomplish your goals.

Space Planning

This typically includes sketching and measuring the room or rooms to be re-configured, re-defined or even re-modeled. Often times a Sketch Up drawing will be included in this service, with detailed dimensions and a graphic of your new space.

Sketch Up Drawings

If you need an actual visual of what you’re wishing to create, Sketch Up may be the best choice to help you move onto the next step.

Color Consultations 

When you are uncertain about how particular colors might work together or even color for the exterior of your home, a color consult may be all you need, or it may be a part of the entire design process. 

Furniture & Fabric Selections

Access to hundreds of vendors in furniture and fabric selections, with thousands of products to choose from. With trade discounts and my experienced eye, we can get you where you want to go with presentation boards or PDF’s, which ever best fits your needs.

Lighting & Finishes

Lighting and finishes are the detailed parts of a room that bring it all together. I’ve always said that lighting is the jewelry for your room, no room is complete without just the right choice!

Flooring & Tile Selections

One of my favorites and specialties, these choices are at the foundation of your home, where all else can be created around it and because of it.

Accessory Selections

The final step in tying all else together, one of the more personalized aspects and unifying parts of the entire design project!

Project Management

No time for all of the many, small details of what constitute a room or home makeover? Let me manage your project from beginning to end, keeping you up to date with regular communication, detailed invoices, vendor deliveries, easy to pay software and other trades people when required.